did i just get rejected from mcdonalds?

10-4-2009 1 comment
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finally ready!

10-4-2009 9 comments


hey y’all

so i’m finally ready to start doing my show again (even if all my listeners done gave up on my ass)

I’m currently in the studio recording and getting set up for the return of  CuppaTea w/AJ !

New show will be posted later this week…be on the look out!



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CTw/AJ-245-Le retour de la Diva

07-7-2009 8 comments

  • Le retour de la diva, die Ruckkehr der Diva, La vuelta de la diva, De terugkeer van Diva, II ritorno della diva, O retorno da diva, “The Return of the Diva”
  • I been busy bitches…it’s as simple as that
  • Palin…ain’ t her 15 mins of fame up yet
  • MJ, MJ and more MJ….YUCK “I’m over it!”
  • Obamas in Russia…and those outfits
  • 10yr Anniversary
  • RPSN check out that new site honey…thanks to Matt*hew and the crew!
  • Tigger…I love you honey…reach out and touch a BITCH!
  • So u Think you can Dance
  • Baby Boi and Black Bitch Update
  • If you ain’t got nothing to say..WTF is the point in podcasting?
  • When I feel like it
  • Music Today: Diva Mix, Waking Up in Vegas Mix, Hot Like WOW Mix


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07-7-2009 1 comment

Today…Tuesday July 7th, 2009 marks the RETURN of AJ to the podosphere …a bitch be recurrddin now and will post this shit TODAY….so back up off my pussy bitches…cause it stinks!

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rumor has it

05-10-2009 5 comments

rumor has that after a very long hiatus, aj is back in the studio working on a new episode of his progrum!

I guess you bitches will just have to wait …and see!

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3am dat body be bangin!

05-10-2009 1 comment

a little sick…but hot!

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Hi! My Name is..BOTOXAMESS!

ok…seriously WTF happen to Eminem’s fuckin face and his nose?

I still think he has a SLAMMIN HOT BODY!

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